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Terms and Conditions for Service Use for fromnatureofficialstore


Terms and Conditions.

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to specify, define and limit the use of internet-related “Services” provided by the “Company” FROMNATURE, owned by DAEHWA C&F CO., LTD to its “Users.” As well as set forth the rights, obligations, and duties between the company and its “Members.”

Any person, member or non-member, who continues to access and use the services of the company; Purchase of “Goods,” Site visits, Monetary transactions, and Shipment, comes under the terms as well as agrees to these terms and conditions.

1.  Editing, Posting, and Modifications of Terms and Conditions:

      I.        In order to make the information and contents of these Terms and Conditions accessible for customers, the company shall post all the relevant information on the startup screen. Which includes the company’s

·         Email addresses.

·         Address of the business’s physical office(s).

·         Contact numbers; telephone and fax for queries and complaints.

·         Rights and duties between the company and users.

·         Trade name and the representative director’s details.

·         Business registration numbers as well as communication sales business’ declaration number.


    II.        The company reserves the right to modify, update and change these terms and conditions as long as they don’t violate

·         Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions Related Acts.

·         Electronic Signature Act.

·         Regulation of Contractual Terms and Conditions Acts.

·         Electronic Transactions Basic Act.

·         Information Protection for Information Communication Network Use Promotion Act.

·         The Consumer Protection Act.

·         Door-to-Door Sales related Acts.

   III.        Whenever there is a change in terms and conditions, the company shall notify its users 7 days before, with the date of application and reasons for modification on the start-up screen.

  IV.        In case the content gets modified against the favor of users, the prior grace time period is of 30 days, at least. In addition, the company would provide a clear comparison between the modifications so that the users can easily see changes made.

    V.        The company ensures that the users remain aware of all the significant content by providing verification pop-ups for important sections/content/conditions. Prominently including

·         Shipping liabilities.

·         Withdrawal of consents.

·         Return conditions.

  VI.        If a user doesn’t like/agree on the terms and conditions or doesn’t’ accept them, the company has a right to terminate the use of services for that particular user. Still, if the user continues to use the services, the consent of the user for terms and conditions would be automatically considered.

2.  Facilitation of Customers and Change of Services:

      I.        The company remains responsible for providing the following services

·         Information related to goods offered for purchase and related agreements.

·         Shipment of purchased goods.

·         Offer other services (if any), as specified by the company, that remain applicable for the users after the delivery of products. For example, returns, etc.

    II.        If the products or services offered by the company observe any change, upgradation, or modification in technical specification or quality, the company shall notify the customers while also updating the related content.

   III.        If the products or services changed are under the purchase agreement, the company shall provide the user/buyers with the appropriate reasons and compensate for damages. However, it is not applicable in a place where the absence of willfulness of the company gets proven.

3.  Suspension of Services and Unavailability.

      I.        The company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the internet related services in case of

·         Server Checking and Exchanges.

·         Website Repairs and Modifications.

·         Interruption in online communications between and because of the computers/servers.

·         Failure and breakdown of the computer equipment.


    II.        The company remains liable to pay for the damages inflicted by the users during the suspension of services. However, only those damages which come under the policy requirements.

   III.        In case of permanent termination of services because of bankruptcy, resignations, conversion of products or business integrations, the company shall notify the customer beforehand.

4.  Registration for Membership.

      I.        The members and the company should come under the agreement for membership subscription after the approval by the company.

    II.        The company shall only register those members who have agreed to terms and conditions and consented to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the company.

   III.        The company reserves the right to cancel or omit the membership subscription of users who

·         Provided with false and misleading information while registering. 

·         Got their accounts terminated before. or;

·         Their membership registration gravely affects the technologies and operations of the company.

  IV.        Members who changed or updated their information after registering or are in purchase agreements at the time of modification should notify the company of the changes through appropriate methods; email, phone, or writing.

5.  Withdrawal of Consent and Membership Disqualification.

      I.        The members possess the right to withdraw their memberships anytime. A user can ask the company for their withdrawal of consent applications, and the company shall comply without any delays.

    II.        The company reserves the right to terminate accounts and disqualify members who;

·         Provides untrue, false, misleading, and wrong information at the time of registration.

·         Does not pay for the purchases made, the services hired, and other liabilities.

·         Uses the site inappropriately, behaves unethically, performs illegal activities, and negates the terms and conditions of the site.

·         Obstructs the third parties’ use of the Services by threatening the order of electronic commercial transactions.

   III.        The company is capable of canceling the memberships registration of Users who, while having the membership accounts suspended, try and repeat the same activity no less than twice. In addition, when the company has forfeited the membership qualifications. In such a case, the company provides its members with prior notification and a period of 30 days to explain the reasons, before the actual cancellation of the membership.

6.  Notification for Users and Members.

      I.        For the Members, the company would provide all sorts of notifications through registered e-mails individually.

    II.        For the users, the company issues notifications generally on the service bulletin board for 7 days, at least.

7.  Purchase of Goods.

When the users/members apply for purchase of goods, the company provides with the following content

      I.        Searching and selection of products.

    II.        Filling up credentials for payment; name, address, contact numbers, etc.

   III.        Consent to restriction of withdrawal offer for particular products, shipping fees, handling fees, installation charges, etc.

  IV.        Selection of payment methods or agencies (if any).

    V.        Confirmation of purchase (checkout).

8.  Formation of Purchase Agreement.

      I.        The company has a right to not process purchase applications for

·         Purchases made through registrations with incorrect, false information.

·         Purchase of prohibited goods; alcohol, cigarettes, etc. by a minor under Juvenile Protection Act.

·         The purchases that have a tendency to affect the company’s operational and technological procedures.

    II.        A purchase agreement remains formed when the company’s approval of purchase arrives at the user in the form of a receipt confirmation notification.


9.  Methods of Payment.

The company accepts and processes payments for the purchase of goods only  through credit card payments

10.                  Receipt Notifications and Cancellation of Purchase Applications.

      I.        When the user/member proceeds with purchase applications, the company shall immediately provide a receipt confirmation message.

    II.        If there's a need for cancellation or change of purchase by the users, members/users reserve the right to request a change or cancellation of the purchase immediately, after receiving the notification for receipt confirmation.

   III.        If the cancellation/change request made by the user is before the shipment of goods, the company is responsible for handling the application without delay. (If and only the request meets the policy requirements)

11.                  Supply of Goods.

      I.        When the user places an order, the company is responsible for packing, manufacturing, and shipping the goods within 7 days of purchase.

    II.        If the user makes a customized request with the mutual consent of the company for the shipment of goods, the company should specify all the means and requirements necessary to deliver the order(s) in accordance with the purchase agreement.

   III.        The company remains accountable for defining the means of shipment, fees of shipment and period of shipment, etc. with respect to the purchase orders made by the user. Given that the company fails to stick to the agreement (exceeds the shipping period), it shall provide the appropriate compensation for the user(s).

12.                  Refunds:

        I.        If the company is out of stock of the goods requested by the user, it shall immediately notify the user of the unavailability.

       II.        If the company has already received payment for the goods that are not available, the company shall instantly opt for a full refund within 2 days of receiving the payment.

13.                  Withdrawal of Purchases.

      I.        If the user observes the change of intent after entering the purchase agreement with the company, the user reserves the right to withdraw purchase within 7 days after receiving the receipt confirmation notification.

    II.        The user has a right to return/exchange the deliveries received with the broken or wrong type of products. Otherwise, all the items once sold, are neither refundable nor exchangeable because of the following conditions

·         The condition of goods has seriously deteriorated due to the partial/complete use.

·         The value of goods has fallen to the extent that they cannot be resold.

·         The goods are out of date.

·         The goods inflict damage or get stolen due to reasons attributable to the user.

·         If the packaging of the goods is not intact with the possibility of duplication with the products of the same size and functionalities.

Withdrawal Consequences:

       I.        When the user has returned the goods to the company and has applied for a refund, the company remains responsible to process the payments and refund within 3 business days. In case of delay, interest is liable to pay by the company for the user.

     II.        If the user has paid shipment costs after receiving the delivery and opts for withdrawal of offers, the company shall clearly specify who has to pay the costs during the withdrawal procedure. In a way that is easily comprehensible for users.

    III.        When returning goods to the company for refund or exchange, all the shipment, freight, insurance, and other charges included in the procedure are the obligations of the user.

   IV.        If the payments are through credit cards or other electronic payment means and the user files for refund, the company shall refund payments immediately, notifying the enterpriser of the payment means to cancel the requests of payments for the purchase of goods and services.

14.                  Privacy Protection of the Members.

      I.        The company collects personal data of members with their consent. For the purpose that they can be individually identified in the future.

    II.        The company can collect the necessary data required for the provision of services and goods that includes,

·         IP Addresses.

·         IDs.

·         Names.

·         Passwords.

·         E-mail Addresses.

·         Contact Information; telephone, mobile, fax numbers.

·         Payment Records.

   III.        The company neither uses personal information of its members for any purpose other than the provision of services nor allows third parties to utilize data until the users have consented beforehand.  However, reserves the right for the following exceptions

·         The company can share appropriate and relevant information of its members with the Delgeatees(s) in order to provide its services. It includes shipment companies, payment companies, and data handling companies.

·         Provide user data for Academic Researches, Investigate Markets, Analysis, and Preparation of Statistical data in a way that a specific individual can never be identified.

·         When required legally for investigation purposes.

·         Identify, and eliminate a user/hacker to minimize the risk of a data breach and prevent inappropriate use of personal information.

  IV.        The members possess the right to change, modify, and access the personal data possessed by the company by contacting the relevant department. In such a case the company is responsible to comply with users without any delay.

    V.        The company never uses nor shares the data of its users with third parties when it is in editing/updating procedure as requested by the user. In addition, notifying appropriately with the change of data when it completes is also the duty of the company.

  VI.        The third parties are liable to delete the user data immediately after the purpose of use has been fulfilled.

 VII.        Members can anytime request the company to terminate the use of their personal information through the withdrawal of consent applications.

VIII.        The company is legally responsible to compensate for the damages incurred by the users if their personal data, bank accounts, credit cards, addresses, etc. get stolen, is misplaced, or disclosed to any party without user consent.

15.                  Company Duties.

      I.        The company shall possess and implement a proper foolproof security system in order to ensure the privacy of the personal information of members.

    II.        The company shall not involve itself in something that is illegal, ethically incorrect, morally prohibited, or does not come under these terms and conditions.

   III.        The company does not encourage sending advertising e-mails to users for profitable/business purposes.

  IV.        In case of any damages caused to the users/members or to their personal information by the company, the company remains liable to compensate for the damages incurred.

16.                  User Duties regarding the use of personal information.

      I.        Members, in any circumstance, should not cause a third party to use their own IDs or passwords.

    II.        Members possess full control over their personal information; sharing, use, and third-party usage.

   III.        In case the member notifies or is aware of the fact that its information is being stolen or used non-consensually by a third party, the user reveres the right to notify the company and follow precautionary measures given by the company. (if any)

17.                  Restrictions for Users.

The users don’t have the right to

      I.        Misuse of third parties’ information.

    II.        Provide false information to the company; while membership subscriptions and purchases.

   III.        Change or modify the information posted for the services.

  IV.        Indicate and Offer any irrelevant information to the company except the required information defined by the company.

    V.        Violate and infringe upon intellectual properties.

  VI.        Threaten, restrict or block the business of third parties.

 VII.        Post, Share, Upload, or publish any sort of content on the site that is against the law, is violent or morally incorrect. 

18.                  Copyright Reversion and Restrictions of use.

      I.        The user cannot perform personal businesses on the company's platform. It includes all sorts of content that can be transmitted, posted, advertised, or linked to the company’s site for profitable purposes. Unless and until the company has given rights and prior permission to the users to do so.

    II.        All the intellectual property rights’ works, copyrights prepared by the company shall also return to the company.

   III.        The company remains responsible to notify the users if there's any reversion of the copyrights to the user. (Under these Terms and Conditions)

19.                  Connecting Mall and the Connected Mall.

      I.        When the ‘Upper Mall’ and ‘Lower Mall’ are connected through hyperlink videos, photos, texts, or any other sort of content, the former one remains referred to as ‘Connecting Mall’ while the latter is ‘Connected Mall.’

*Mall – Virtual Business Platform (specifically, Websites)

    II.        The company neither holds any responsibility nor guarantees the transactions made between the connecting mall and the connected mall. Unless specified and verified by the company with pop-up disclaimers and notifications.

20.                  Complaint Handling and Resolution of Disputes.

      I.        Lawsuits related to electronic commercial transactions occurred between the company, and the user should be resolved under the Civil Procedural Code through court procedures.

    II.        The company reserves the right to listen to user complaints first. However, in a case, that it’s difficult to listen or handle complaints beforehand, the company should immediately suggest the related actions and schedules for dispute resolution.

   III.        The company is responsible for establishing a complaint handling department that can provide reasonable solutions for customer problems and compensate for the damages claimed by the users.

  IV.        When a user claims compensation of damages due to any sort of electronic commercial transaction inefficiencies with the company, the company is liable to opt for legal settlements.

21.                  Duty to Notify:

      I.        The company revers the right to change and modify these Terms and Conditions.

    II.        In case there is any changing, upgradation, addition, or exclusion of content in Terms and Conditions, the company shall notify its users appropriately through notifications and alerts.

The current terms and conditions remain applicable from September 2, 2018, to onwards. (Until and unless there’s a change or modification)





These Terms and Conditions shall be applicable from SEP 3, 2018.